Tuesday, February 11, 2014

1000 awesome thing

Posted by Farhah at 5:38 AM
ever heard of the 1000 awesome things??
yup..they compile all the small things that happen in life
people kept overlooking..
that is totally awesome once you took the time to look at it

i think i might start with my own awesome things..things that happen the moment i found life

saat terserempak dengan cik tarbiyyah

because on the top of the list
of the awesomest thing that happen to me so far

#1 terpilih Allah untuk menjadi bagian dari gerabak ini

doesn't that beat all

and more awesome things follow..
life as we know it ..changes..for the better..always

there are the good the bad and the ugly..
but i wont trade it for anything

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